Bigg Boss 16: Rahul Vaidya wants MC Stan and Shiv out; Gauahar calls them ‘bullies’ after they attack Shalin

    MC Stan and Shiv Thakare got physically violent with Shalin Bhanot last night on a trivial matter. Not just netizens but even ex contestants are disappointed with them.

    Bigg Boss 16: Rahul Vaidya wants MC Stan and Shiv out; Gauahar calls them ‘bullies’ after they attack Shalin

    Things escalated way too quickly in last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 . It all started with Tina Datta suddenly tripping and hurting her ankle. Like the gentleman that he is around her, Shalin Bhanot rushed to massage her foot. For some reason MC Stan got upset about it and abused Shalin. The two got into a verbal fight which soon turned violent, with Shiv Thakare attacking Shalin. The fight got way too intense and the boys had to be pulled aside to separate corners.

    While there are some fans who came out in Stan’s support, majority netizens are blaming him and Shiv for starting the fight. Even ex contestants Rahul Vaidya , Gauahar Khan and Devoleena Bhattacharjee feel they are wrong. Demanding their eviction, Rahul tweeted: “MC stan and shiv were very wrong today & both became physical on shalin! Both should be thrown out because It was Stan who abused first & charged on to Shalin and Shiv Scratched Shalin’s Face which was in extremely bad taste & is absolutely unacceptable!#BiggBoss16.”

    Rahul went on to laud Shalin for handling the situation calmly. Gauahar, on the other hand, called Shiv and his gang bullies. She took to her official social media handle to write, “Shiv literally held shalins face n pushed it back , near his neck . So shouldn’t shiv evict himself ?????? #bully ! Shalin did not do anything wrong , he got unnecessarily abused by mcstan. His language is so so bad . Sick that whole group is full of bullies !”

    Meanwhile Devoleena tweeted, “Honestly Shalin should also get a fair chance to decide whether he wants Shiv to stay or leave like shiv got it once.” For the uninitiated, this is in reference to last week’s physical fight where Shiv got to decide Archana Gautam’s fate after she grabbed his neck on being provoked. He got her evicted for the same. But as host, Salman Khan decided to bring her back to the reality show. In your opinion, should Shiv and Stan’s fate be left on Shalin?