Bigg Boss 17: From Ankita Lokhande's mother-in-law's sharp remark to Munawar Faruqui's confession, here are major controversies

    As Bigg Boss 17 approaches its finale, let's take a look at some of the controversies of the show.

    Bigg Boss 17: From Ankita Lokhande's mother-in-law's sharp remark to Munawar Faruqui's confession, here are major controversies

    The seventeenth season of the reality show Bigg Boss has been quite different and controversial in every aspect. Whether it be the introduction of three houses–Dum, Dimaag and Dil, or the entry of couples such as Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt and Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain as contestants, or the dynamics between exes Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya and making Munawar Faruqui’s complicated love life public. Here are the five incidents on the show that stirred controversies and hit the headlines.

    Vicky Jain was accused of slapping his wife Ankita Lokhande: Ankita and Vicky had constant turbulence in their relationship throughout the show. In one of the episodes, Vicky and Abhishek broke into an argument and Ankita too participated. At one moment, Vicky got aggressive and almost looked like he tried to slap Ankita. Even Abhishek and Arun noticed this and began targeting Vicky over the same. Ankita was too surprised by the gesture. However, she later said that Vicky was just trying to get up from his bed.

    Isha denied Samarth as her boyfriend: Ex-couple Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar had an ugly past but they began being cordial with each other at the beginning of the show. Isha grew closer to Abhishek in the initial episodes, but the twist came when her current boyfriend Samarth Jurel entered as the wild card contestant. A massive fight broke out between Abhishek and Samarth when Isha refused to accept Samarth as her boyfriend and supported Abhishek. Later, Isha confessed to Ankita Lokhande that Samarth is indeed her boyfriend.

    Vicky Jain’s mother slammed Ankita Lokhande for physically assaulting him: In one of the episodes, Vicky and Ankita’s mother entered the house and expressed concern about their frequent fights in the house. Vicky’s mother stirred controversy when she accused Ankita of kicking her son in fights. She also spoke rudely to Ankita’s mother. Later, in the Family Week episode, Vicky’s mother commented on Ankita’s upbringing. She said that Vicky’s father had called Ankita’s mother to find out if she used to hit her husband, taking a jibe at Ankita hitting Vicky. The netizens came out in support of Ankita and slammed her mother-in-law for her remark.

    Ayesha accused Munawar Faruqui of two-timing: Stand-up comic Munawar Faruqui’s complicated love life came out in the open when wild card contestant Ayesha Khan entered the house. Ayesha Khan accused Munawar of two-timing. She exposed Munawar saying “Aapki ek ex-girlfriend hai, ek ko aapne standby pe rakha hai, aapki ex-wife hai, aur rishta bhej ke aaye the sir bahar ek ladki ko, influencer hai bahut naami (You have an ex-girlfriend, you have put one on standby, there's an ex-wife, and you sent a marriage proposal to a popular influencer)." The shocking revelation didn’t go down well with the audience, and they began trending the hashtag ‘Save girls from Munawar Faruqui’ on Twitter.

    Isha Malviya accused Abhishek Kumar of hitting her: Abhishek and Isha had a massive fight in the house where they dragged their past and made dark revelations. Isha revealed that Abhishek slapped her on New Year's Eve, when they were in relationship. She also said, "You can't even respect your mother, tere papa toh peet te hai tere ko. Your dad beats you because you break TVs at home like an animal. Sudhar ja jaanwar.” Abhishek retaliated saying, “Your mom had slapped you, tell everyone why. You were caught doing something with someone, and that someone was not me." Further Isha revealed that Abhishek used to take steroids and professional help for his mental health. Abhishek mentioned about her ‘One night stands', clubbing, beauty injections and all.