'I don't believe Pam would marry Joey': Jenna Fischer's role in 'The Office' cost her big time

    'The Office' star Jenna Fischer revealed how her iconic role as Pam cost her a part in Matt LeBlanc’s sitcom 'Man with a Plan'.

    <p>Jenna Fischer and Matt LeBlanc (Source: The Today Show)</p>

    Jenna Fischer and Matt LeBlanc (Source: The Today Show)

    How 'The Office' impacted Jenna's career

    As reported by The Independent back in July 2021, Jenna Fischer, beloved for her role as Pam in 'The Office,' disclosed that her iconic portrayal ironically led to her being cut from Matt LeBlanc's sitcom 'Man with a Plan'. It's a tale of casting mishaps and the lasting impressions of beloved characters. 

    Focus group fallout

    Fischer, who was slated to join LeBlanc's sitcom that aired from 2016 to 2020, was removed from the series due to the unexpected reactions of a focus group. As Fischer told listeners of the 'Office Ladies' podcast, which she co-hosts with her former Office co-star Angela Kinsey, the group's feedback was blunt. "They said, 'I don't believe Pam would marry Joey. The chemistry doesn't work between these two.' That was the feedback they got," shared Fischer.

    Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in 'The Office' (Source: IMDB)

    The fallout from iconic roles

    The essence of the issue? It seemed that Fischer and LeBlanc were too deeply identified with their renowned roles: Pam from 'The Office' and Joey from 'Friends', respectively. This association was so strong that the focus group found their on-screen marriage and family unconvincing.

    Fischer recounted the tough phone call from her team, expecting to learn whether 'Man with a Plan' would be picked up for a full season. Instead, she learned, in her words, something "worse than that." The series was getting picked up, but without her. Ultimately, the role originally intended for Fischer was taken over by Liza Snyder.

    Liza Snyder and Matt LeBlanc in 'Man With A Plan' (Source: Digital Spy)

    For fans of Jenna Fischer, the story provides a unique look into the long-lasting impacts iconic characters can have on an actor's career, even when they're ready to venture into new roles.

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