‘Meri kabar pe bhi aaoge kya’: Rakhi Sawant breaks down while talking to paps; leaves Rahul Vaidya worried

    A day after speaking to media about Pathaan, Rakhi Sawant broke into tears while talking about her current circumstances.

    ‘Meri kabar pe bhi aaoge kya’: Rakhi Sawant breaks down while talking to paps; leaves Rahul Vaidya worried

    Since the last few weeks, Rakhi Sawant has been visiting her mother daily at the hospital where the latter is getting treated for cancer as well as a brain tumour. The entertainer, who recently suffered from a miscarriage, is going through a tough phase in her life. Despite all this, Rakhi never fails to interact with the paparazzi who she bumps into every now and then. Just yesterday she promised the shutterbugs that she will make a reel to promote Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan and even apologized to the superstar for not doing so before.

    Rakhi even called out to her mother, who was inside the hospital, and asked her to bless SRK and his comeback film. She was visibly disturbed but she did not let it affect her conversation with the paps. However, last night when she was spotted in the city again, Rakhi broke down. She asked the paparazzi, “Ek baat batao, jis din main mar gayi, meri kabar pe bhi aaoge kya?” Rakhi said this with a heartbreaking smile on her face but then broke into tears and went on to state, “Jaise mere haalaat hain, tumhe nahi pata.. Nahi pata, kya hoga..” She then said bye and rushed inside.

    After watching this clip, many fans were concerned about Rakhi including her Bigg Boss 14 housemate and singer Rahul Vaidya . In the comment section below, he asked, “Areee areeeee rakhi…. Kya ho gaya ??” It is sad to see the actress this way but there are many netizens who are trolling her and accusing her of over acting. One social media user wrote: “Paise kaato overacting ke”, whereas another shared, “Her frnd be like itni over acting nahi karta rakhi 😂😂.” Meanwhile a third comment read: “Oh gosh sick n tired of this drama....instead of doing this drama go n spend time with ur mom.”

    We hope Rakhi’s mother recovers soon and wish the actress all the strength she needs in a difficult time like this.