'No Leap in Anupamaa' trends aggressively on Twitter as fans express disappointment over Rupali Ganguly's show taking a jump of 6 years

    Fans are trending 'No Leap In Anupamaa' while expressing their disappointment on the upcoming leap on the show. 

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    It was earlier reported that the Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupamaa is all set to take a leap of four to five years. It will see Anupamaa and Anuj ( Gaurav Khanna )’s adopted daughter Chhoti Anu all grown up and will possibly play a crucial role in reuniting her parents. However, now fans are super disappointed with the news and have been trending ‘No Leap In Anupamaa’ aggressively on Twitter for the past 2 days.

    Well, talking about this trend, fans have been left upset about the news of the story leap since they want Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) to get reunited soon in the ongoing plot itself. It seems that fans are dejected with how the once happy couple has been separated so quickly due to misunderstandings and all the scheming done by Choti Anu’s biological mother, Maya (Chavvi Pandey). Apart from this, the fans of the show also do not wish to see the child artist Asmi Deo who plays Choti Anu exit the show post the leap as her performance is also the main binding force for the audience to the show. Take a look at some of the tweets wherein fans expressed their displeasure with the makers of the show.

    One of the fans stated, “What's the need & purpose of taking leap in Anupama show when the story runs beautifully without it with Anupama getting huge success & appreciation through her dance Academy & getting d 3 Altogether for each one of them.” Another netizen added, “We just wanted MaAn's happy moments, right along with the drama, and you makers have separated MaAn, and by taking a leap, you are making everyone sad. Please don't spoil the show.”

    Meanwhile, Anupamaa is ruling the TRP charts. However, it will be interesting to see whether this leap will impact the ratings of the show positively or negatively. We hope the fans ultimately get to see their beloved Anupamaa and Anuj reunite at the end of the day.