Seth Rogen's bitter past with critics: From Green Hornet to TMNT's April O'Neil controversy

    Hollywood icon Seth Rogen reveals his personal battles with critics, from the Green Hornet backlash to the TMNT April O’Neil race swap uproar. With a look back, we delve into the actor's emotional journey and his take on dealing with negative press.

    Seth Rogan (Source: GQ)

    Seth Rogan (Source: GQ)

    If you’ve been in Hollywood as long as Seth Rogen, you're bound to face your fair share of controversies, and with controversies come critics. With a nostalgic lens, we journey back to understand the tumultuous relationship between the revered actor and his evaluators.

    The Critic’s Double-Edged Sword

    “I’ve worked my way up to not having to deal with that much personal conflict...but I will have a cultural institution tell everyone that I suck,” Rogen poignantly revealed during his candid chat on The Diary of a CEO podcast. The weight of such monumental criticism isn't lost on anyone, especially when the person on the receiving end has poured blood, sweat, and tears into his projects. As reported by the podcast, Rogen expressed how many actors never bounce back after facing the wrath of institutional critique. “It’s devastating. I know people who never recover from it.”

    TMNT (Source: IMDB)

    One can't forget the time when Rogen’s 2011 film, Green Hornet, became the epicenter of massive criticism. Despite its commendable opening, the reviews were, in Rogen's words, “pretty bad”. It wasn't just about the negative feedback but the seeming delight people took in trashing it. But Seth, ever the optimist, found his silver lining, stating, “It opened to like $35 million...So, it did pretty well!”

    Triumphing Over Doubt

    Today, as social media continues to escalate its criticism towards Rogen’s decision surrounding the character of April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, we can't help but wonder how he navigates such storms. Offering a peek behind the curtain, the actor explained, “I’ve gotten much better at dealing with it...For me, it’s something that’s present, but I try not to let it stop me from doing the things that I think are interesting.”

    While controversies and criticisms have been persistent companions throughout his journey, Rogen's resilience in the face of adversity is what sets him apart. His evolved perspective on dealing with the relentless waves of doubt showcases not only his growth but also serves as an inspiration for countless other artists. 

    At a time when the world eagerly awaits the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, we're reminded of the intricate dance between an artist and his critics. A dance that Rogen, with his undying spirit and perspective, continues to master.

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