Throwback: Jamie Foxx nixed from Tyson's Biopic amid health rumors and drama

    Relive the drama around Jamie Foxx's shocking exit from the Mike Tyson biopic, amid a flurry of health rumors and controversy. A throwback to the saga that shook Hollywood and left fans bewildered and disappointed.

    <p>Jamie Foxx (Source: X)</p>

    Jamie Foxx (Source: X)

    For as long as Hollywood whispered about a Mike Tyson biopic, Jamie Foxx was the name on everyone's lips. Announced around 2014, the anticipation for Foxx portraying the legendary boxer was palpable. It was a shock to the senses when unexpected events not only made it impossible for Foxx to be part of the project but also enveloped the saga in negativity, necessitating Tyson to release several statements on Foxx's removal.

    As Tyson explained on his podcast, Hotboxin', "No, he was one of the actors that we considered because he was very familiar with me but there were other guys that were in contention."

    The Age Factor and the Search for a New Face

    Despite all his fame and preparations for the role, Foxx's increasing age became a concerning factor in portraying a youthful Tyson. The talk of the town was the quest for a younger actor, making people question, could the advancements in CGI not have solved the age issue. Could Foxx not portray a 20-something Tyson convincingly? 

    Jamie Foxx (Source: Fox)

    Tyson's endeavor to make a biopic also faced a tumultuous year with controversies around a Hulu series that offended him deeply, driving him to control his narrative with the planned biopic. Despite big names like Antoine Fuqua and Martin Scorsese attached to the project, the drama centered around Foxx’s replacement was a significant roadblock. 

    A source close to Tyson revealed, "Mike has been telling people Jamie is no longer going to be playing him. They are friends apparently, but somehow the whole proposal of Jamie starting off as 20-something Mike is not going to work. They are scouring casting agencies for an athlete who can act."

    The Future of the Tyson Biopic

    By 2023, the biopic remains shrouded in uncertainty, with no news about its development. The once much-anticipated project led by Tyson himself has not seen the light, leaving fans and the industry still wondering about its fate, and what could have been had Foxx stayed on.

    In retrospect, the drama surrounding Jamie Foxx and the Mike Tyson biopic is a classic tale of Hollywood excitement, anticipation, and the abrupt disappointment often encountered in the journey of bringing real-life stories to the big screen. Jamie Foxx's name, once synonymous with the project, now only echoes in the corridors of what could have been, as the world waits for any news on the development of the Mike Tyson biopic. 

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