Throwback to Nicolas Cage’s Marvel defense when he dared to disagree with family & filmmakers

    Back in 2022, Nicolas Cage leaped to Marvel's defense amidst criticism from heavyweights like his uncle Coppola and Scorsese. Let's reminisce about the familial face-off and Cage's candid revelations.

    Nicolas Cage (Source: Variety)

    When Cage Broke the Cage: Marvel, Movies, and More

    Ah, the dynamism of Hollywood! It's been some time since the renowned Nicolas Cage faced off against the echoing critiques of Marvel movies from cinematic icons, and of course, his very own uncle, Francis Ford Coppola. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit Cage’s bold and candid defense of the Marvel universe.

    Marvel: Much Ado About Art or Commerce?

    At the heart of the 2019 brouhaha, Coppola made waves with his "despicable" remark, only later clarifying he wasn't targeting Marvel specifically, but the industry's new trend prioritizing commerce over art. But Cage, in his characteristic moxie, posed, "Yeah, why do they do that?" Adding, "I don’t understand the conflict. I don’t agree with them on that perception or opinion."

    Coppola and Scorsese's critiques were rooted in the belief that superhero films have become such a juggernaut, overshadowing diverse cinematic creativity. Coppola's poignant reflection was that today's landscape has evolved from studio films to repeated Marvel prototypes.

    Cage’s Candid Counterview

    In a fresh perspective, Cage countered, “I think that the movies that I make, like ‘Pig’ or ‘Joe,’ are not in any kind of conflict with Marvel movies.” He argued that the emergence of Marvel films wasn't necessarily a death knell for 'tweeners'—films falling in the $30 to $50 million budget range.

    Nicolas further lauded Marvel for its evolution and masterful storytelling, a clear leap from when he was a part of the early 'Ghost Rider' saga. He openly admired the intricate plot weaves and character interconnections led by the likes of Kevin Feige. Cage pondered, "What could be wrong with wholesome entertainment that is appealing to the parents and the children?"

    Rumors, Revelations, and… Return?

    As we reminisce about this familial face-off, one can't help but remember the rife rumors of Cage reprising his role as "Ghost Rider" in the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” But with his characteristic candor, he downplayed the buzz, expressing an interest in working with Cumberbatch, albeit hinting that the dream team-up seemed unlikely.

    And so, as we glide through the annals of Hollywood history, Cage's passionate defense of Marvel offers a poignant reminder of the industry's ongoing debate on art, commerce, and the middle ground between.

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