Deciphering the suprise conclusion of Netflix's romance series 'One Day'

    Netflix's 'One Day' explained (Spoiler Alert)

    A still from One Day (Source: Netflix)

    A still from One Day (Source: Netflix)

    Released on February 8th, One Day is an adaptation of David Nicholls' acclaimed 2009 novel, following the tumultuous relationship between Emma Morley (played by Ambika Mod) and Dexter Mayhew (portrayed by Leo Woodall) spanning over a decade.Previously, One Day was adapted into a 2011 film featuring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, with a script by Nicholls. Despite its star-studded cast, the film received harsh criticism from reviewers.

    Chronicles of Love and Loss

    Throughout the initial 12 episodes of the series, viewers are taken back to Emma and Dexter's encounters—either united or separated—each July 15th from their initial meeting in 1988 until 1999. Against the backdrop of their triumphs, setbacks, and emotional turmoil, the series meticulously follows the ebbs and flows of their relationship.

    Despite external challenges and their own tendencies towards self-sabotage, Emma and Dexter struggle to sustain their relationship. However, a pivotal moment occurs when Dexter, newly divorced, travels to Paris to confess his feelings for Emma, sparking a potential turning point in their story.

    A Love Story Interrupted

    After a prolonged wait, Em and Dex finally find themselves united. In the lead-up to the series finale, we witness their individual growth and flourishing. However, less than a year into their marriage, tragedy strikes as the couple, striving to conceive a child, faces a devastating blow when Emma is tragically struck and killed by a reckless driver while cycling through London.

    In the series finale, set in 2003 and 2004, Dexter grapples with grief, turning to old substance-abuse habits in a self-destructive spiral. By 2007, five years after Emma's tragic accident, Dexter appears to find solace as he reflects on their cherished memories while exploring London.

    The final two episodes of the series deliver a devastating conclusion that may leave viewers feeling blindsided, mirroring the emotional impact of the original book's ending. Despite receiving generally positive reviews from critics upon its premiere, Netflix's One Day has sparked some debate among audiences, particularly regarding its final act.