10 shows you should watch if you liked Euphoria

    Each of these shows offers its own unique take on teenage life, with compelling characters and gripping storylines that are sure to keep you hooked.

    <p>Shows like Euphoria (Source: IMDb)</p>

    Shows like Euphoria (Source: IMDb)

    Premiering on HBO in 2019, this critically acclaimed teen drama series has garnered a dedicated fanbase. It follows Rue (played by Zendaya) and her high school peers as they navigate issues such as drug addiction, body image, sexuality, and trauma.

    While fans await news on the delayed season 3, there's no shortage of other drama-filled, thought-provoking shows to dive into. Here are 10 recommendations to keep you entertained:

    The End of the F***ing World

    Follows two troubled teenagers, James and Alyssa, as they embark on a chaotic road trip. With dark humor and unexpected twists, the series delves into their tumultuous journey of self-discovery, rebellion, and ultimately, finding solace in each other's company amidst the chaos of adolescence.

    The End of the F***ing World (Source: IMDb)

    Freaks and Geeks

    Explore the highs and lows of high school life in the 1980s through the eyes of Lindsay and Sam, siblings navigating the social hierarchy. The series humorously captures the awkwardness, angst, and camaraderie among a diverse group of students, spanning jocks, geeks, and rebels, as they navigate adolescence.

    Freaks and Geeks (Source: X)


    Delves deep into the lives of a group of British teenagers as they navigate the complexities of adolescence, tackling issues like friendship, love, sex, and substance abuse. With its raw portrayal of youth culture, the series offers a candid and often provocative look into the lives of its diverse characters.

    Skins (Source: X)


    Follows the unconventional Gallagher family as they navigate life in a gritty Chicago neighborhood. Led by the reckless patriarch Frank, the series offers a raw and unapologetic portrayal of poverty, dysfunction, and resilience. With its blend of dark humor and heartfelt moments, "Shameless" explores themes of family, survival, and identity.

    Shameless (Source: IMDb)

    Sex Education

    Otis, a socially awkward teenager, who teams up with rebellious Maeve to run an underground sex therapy clinic at their high school. Through humorous and heartfelt encounters, the series tackles taboo topics and explores the complexities of relationships, identity, and sexual awakening among its diverse cast of characters.

    Sex Education (Source: People)

    One of Us Is Lying

    Unravels a gripping mystery after five high school students enter detention, but only four emerge alive. Adapted from the best-selling novel, the series delves into the secrets, lies, and betrayals of the students, each harboring motives that unravel in the wake of a shocking death.

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    Provides a compelling glimpse into the cutthroat world of investment banking through the eyes of young graduates competing for a coveted job at a top firm. The series explores ambition, power struggles, and personal sacrifices as these ambitious individuals navigate the high-stakes environment of London's financial district.

    Industry (Source: X)

    Heartbreak High

    Follows the lives of students and teachers at Hartley High, delving into the trials and triumphs of adolescence in a multicultural urban setting. With its focus on social issues, friendships, and teenage angst, the series offers a nostalgic and realistic portrayal of high school life in Australia.

    Heartbreak High (Source: X)


    Chronicles the lives of students at DeGrassi Community School as they confront a myriad of challenges ranging from relationships and identity to mental health and social issues. With its authentic portrayal of teenage experiences, the series resonates with viewers through its diverse cast and relatable storylines.

    Disgrassi (Source: X)

    My So Called Life

    Offers an authentic portrayal of adolescence through the eyes of Angela Chase, a high school student navigating the complexities of identity, friendship, and romance. With its raw and introspective approach, the series captivates audiences with its relatable characters and honest exploration of teenage life.

    My So Called Life (Source: X)