Unraveling the conclusion of Netflix's Fool Me Once: Unmasking Joe's killer

    In the riveting conclusion of Netflix's Fool Me Once, viewers are taken on a suspenseful journey to uncover the identity of Joe's killer. (Spoilers Below)

    Fool Me Once (Source: Digital Spy)

    Fool Me Once (Source: Digital Spy)

    In Harlan Coben's signature style, Netflix's Fool Me Once stands out as the ideal New Year's binge-watch, delivering an enthralling narrative with numerous surprising twists, especially in the concluding moments.The bold and brilliant Maya Stern, portrayed by Michelle Keegan, serves as our guide through the unfolding mystery. 

    Navigating Deception and Intrigue

    We initially encounter her in the opening scenes at her husband Joe Burkett's funeral. However, the series takes an unexpected turn, culminating in a massive twist as we witness Maya lying lifeless on the floor of the Burketts' extravagantly opulent home in the final episode.

    Fool Me Once (Source: Netflix)

    We were led to believe that Maya had been earnestly attempting to unravel the mysteries surrounding her husband's murder. There was a moment of uncertainty when she even considered the possibility that he might have survived the park shooting, fueled by an unsettling post-mortem sighting on her nanny cam.

    Unveiling the Shocking Truth

    However, in the suspenseful cliffhanger concluding the penultimate episode, we discovered that Maya, aligning with police suspicions, was the one who had indeed pulled the trigger, leading to her husband's demise. As the final episode of Fool Me Once promptly confirmed – and let's be honest, you couldn't have clicked that next episode button any faster – this revelation was not a red herring or a deceptive maneuver.

    Fool Me Once (Source: Netflix)

    Unraveling the Web of Deceit

    In flashback sequences, we learned that Maya harbored suspicions about her husband Joe's involvement in her sister's murder. Taking covert action, she discreetly had a bullet from their household gun tested to determine if it matched the one used to kill Claire.

    Upon confirming the match and realizing that only she and Joe were aware of the weapon, Maya orchestrated a meeting with him away from their home, away from their young daughter Lily, to confront him and extract the truth.

    As a strategic move, she replaced the concealed handgun with a deactivated one. If Joe arrived armed at the park, he would be unaware that the weapon he carried was rendered ineffective, thereby exposing his true nature.

    Fool Me Once (Source: Netflix)

    The conclusion of "Fool Me Once" transports us 18 years beyond Maya's demise. In this distant future, we learn that DS Sami Kierce, likely owing to Maya's revelations about the Burkett medication, is alive and thriving. He has had the opportunity to witness his now-adult son's growth.

    Maya's daughter Lily, under the care of Claire's husband Eddie, has been embraced as his child, fulfilling Maya's pre-death request. During a heartfelt reunion at a hospital, Eddie remarks to Sami, "She's just like her mum." As it turns out, Lily has become a mother herself, welcoming a daughter whom she names Maya in a poignant tribute to her heroic late mother.