'Stan's intense prep for Tommy Lee role': Tattoos, nipple rings & extreme diets

    Sebastian Stan traded his Winter Soldier arm for Tommy Lee's tats and nipple rings, taking on a grueling physical transformation. Remember when?

    'Stan's intense prep for Tommy Lee role': Tattoos, nipple rings & extreme diets

    If ever there was a testament to an actor's commitment, it was the day Sebastian Stan decided to dive headlong into the tumultuous world of Tommy Lee. Oh, what a long, strange trip it's been since the '90s!

    From Winter Soldier to Wild Child

    Sebastian Stan, adored for his role as the brooding Bucky in the Marvel Universe, was faced with the gargantuan task of becoming a rockstar both loved and loathed in equal measure. As reported by Slash Film, Stan's journey to become Tommy Lee wasn't a mere wardrobe change. Nope. He had to embrace, head to toe, the 'bad boy' aura, complete with the intricate tattoos, artful prosthetics, and yes, those headline-grabbing prosthetic nipple rings – a wise choice considering the piercing pain they would have entailed.

    Sebastian Stan and Tommy Lee (Source: Loudwire)

    All Tattoos, No Tears

    Sebastian Stan's dedication knew no bounds. "The entire process took around three hours — with 45 minutes of that time being taken up by the nipple application." But it wasn't just about the exterior; Stan went all in, from chemically straightening his own hair to undergoing a rigorous diet. "I basically did a lot of fasting and running on an empty stomach, which was really hard," Stan revealed, highlighting his adoption of a rigorous vegan diet sans carbs. Truly, the lengths (or should we say, hair straightening sessions) celebs go to!

    Beating to Tommy's Drums

    It wasn’t just about looking the part; it was about living it. Stan's preparation for the role required him to drum out Lee's beats and master that iconic drumstick twirl. A Winter Soldier to drumming sensation – what a range, Mr. Stan!

    Attractiveness Against the Odds

    Despite portraying a controversial figure, there's no denying that Sebastian Stan’s portrayal bore the mark of dedication and utmost commitment. There might have been a few raised eyebrows over his choice of character, but one can't ignore the craftsmanship. But even as he emulated the rockstar, fans secretly (or not so secretly) yearned for their beloved Bucky, as they thirstily awaited a fresh season of "Falcon and the Winter Soldier."

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