Bigg Boss 17 Day 48 Highlights: Karan Johar bashes Abhishek Kumar, Tehelka aka Sunny Arya gets evicted

    Karan also exposed Ankita saying that she always put a disclaimer that she is emotional, stays connected with people etc but it is not seen in her actions.

    Abhishek, Karan And Tehelka

    Abhishek, Karan And Tehelka

    In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Karan Johar began by exposing Mannara Chopra’s hypocrisy. He told her that she takes people for granted as she never stood for her so-called friends Anurag and Munawar at the time of need. She needed support but she was herself not there for them, it's a double standard, he said. Mannara then broke down, after which Karan asked her to give a thought to her actions.

    Karan then spoke to friendship trio Ankita, Vicky and Munawar. He told Ankita that she always puts a disclaimer that she is emotional, stays connected with people etc but it is not seen in her actions. Karan then exposed her saying that she steps back when it is convenient citing her, Mannara and Munawar's situation. Later, Karan exposed Vicky’s number game Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Karan Johar reveals Vicky Jain, revealing that he plays a ‘number game’ only to benefit himself. He said that Vicky only maintains friendships only to increase his chances of success. He then turned to Ankita to get her approval and she agreed which left contestants stunned by this revelation.

    Karan then blamed Sana for playing the women card at her convenience. He called her a hypocrite and said that she asked Arun to respect women and on the other hand, she didn’t have a problem with Vicky asking her to seduce during the task at Orry's party. He schooled her against playing the woman card conveniently, while Arun and Tehelka clapped. After Karan exited, Abhishek got angry as his fight with Tehelka was left unaddressed. He threw his mic and showed anger, while Munawar and Isha made him understand that Bigg Boss cares about them.

    Karan then reappeared and re-played the whole sequence that got Abhishek and Tehelka fighting. Karan then asked Abhishek about the whole fight, to which he said that he felt disrespected as his collar was pulled and he was shoved. Karan then asked him whose fight it was, and Isha answered that it was her and Arun’s. Then Abhishek interrupted Karan saying that he could frame him wrong. Karan then shouted and asked him to let him talk. To which Abhishek said he was deviating from the topic after this Karan got agitated and said that he would leave if he didn’t let him talk. Abhishek then apologised and the discussion continued.

    Further, Karan called out Tehelka for his misbehaviour and said that he has been a repeat offender. As per the rule, Tehelka got evicted and Arun and the other contestants got emotional. Tehelka and Arun hugged, and even Abhishek pleaded to Bigg Boss to let Tehelka stay. Later, Abhishek cursed himself saying that he was responsible for Tehelka’s eviction, but Rinku said that it was BB's decision. Munawar also cried for Tehelka.

    Later, Karan re-entered and explained that Tehelka made mistakes and hence faced consequences. He then played a game wherein contestants put the spotlight on others who were not questioned for their mistakes.Khanzaadi put Isha under the spotlight, while Mannara put Ankita. Neil put Ankita under the spotlight and addressed their issues. Further, producer Ektaa R Kapoor made a guest appearance and interacted with the contestants. She asked Vicky to take care of Ankita as she is an emotional person and called Munawar’s game boring. She also asked Samarth and Abhishek to move forward, and Khanzaadi to not create so many issues in the house. The eviction for the week was cancelled, and Ankita hugged Vicky as he got saved. Ankita and Abhishek helped Sana get up after she fell.