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6 Reviews

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Safe House
Ameet Bhuvan
Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
Safe House has nothing new to offer in terms of story or plot and yet watching it is not such a pain.

A CIA agent (Denzel) is branded traitor and kept in a safe house, under the watch of another CIA agent played by Ryan. Predictably, Denzel is not a traitor, while the safe house is not all that safe, and both he and Ryan are on the escape route to a place where they would find their rightful dues.

The film moves through stadiums and roads and high rises, with snazzy action set pieces. Gun shots galore, blood splattered liberally, and car chases abound making the proceedings on screen fun to watch. Coupled with this, is Washington's gravity as a performer, and Ryan's screen presence that add value to an other wise predictable storyline.

If you are looking for some depth in characterization or even sense in the film, Safe House is not for you. Denzel reprises his tried and tested man-on-the-run act. Ryan plays his part without rising above the mediocre script. The action sequences, though enjoyable, are not something one hasn't seen lately-making one wonder what exactly was the director trying to prove in the first place.

However, if one is looking for some mindless adrenaline rush and a pass time for the weekend, Safe House doesn't disappoint. Watch it only if you fall into this latter category. view less


Skumar Time-Passer
safe houseMay 25, 2012
very good movie
Nena Time-Passer
safe houseMay 3, 2012
safe house is very good movie
Neha Singh
Neha Singh Cinemaniac

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