Pamela Anderson's scathing verdict on Pam & Tommy: A throwback to 2022's biggest row

    Revisiting 2022: Pamela Anderson denounced the portrayal of her in Pam & Tommy, while Tommy Lee praised it, sparking a heated debate.

    Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Source: WWD)

    Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Source: WWD)

    There's no slowing down Hollywood's penchant for controversy. One such tiff, back in 2022, that's still fresh as yesterday, revolves around Hulu's Pam & Tommy and the real-life Pamela Anderson. For a series that claimed to document a chunk of Anderson's life, it was met with an icy reception from the very woman it depicted. Early last year, sources hinted at Anderson's disapproval. "It is shocking that this series is allowed to happen without her approval," said the inside informant. The emotional scars from that phase in her life were, apparently, far from healed, and this portrayal only seemed to rub salt into them.

    Yet, on the flip side, Tommy Lee seemed more forthcoming, even going as far as to give his nod of approval, unable to fathom the different levels of trauma the incident brought to both their lives.

    Between laughter & lament

    With the series premiere, voices from both camps grew louder. Lee himself found the story being told a fascinating one, although he conceded the real events weren't exactly a cakewalk. And Anderson? She didn't even give the show a shot, stating her grievances blatantly: "I was so angry that I didn't watch it. Just the way they played us, Tommy and I, very bimbo-y, very shallow."

    Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, Sebastian Stan, and Lily James (Source: GQ)

    One can't help but chuckle at Anderson's rather sardonic view of Lily James' performance. "I think if you're a Halloween costume, you've made it." Well, if there's any indicator of the magnitude of Anderson's distaste, it was certainly this.

    Flash forward to 2023, and the chasm between their perspectives hasn't bridged. One wonders if Hollywood, in its pursuit of a gripping narrative, sometimes forgets the real humans and real stories behind the glitz. Perhaps the Pam & Tommy controversy serves as a much-needed reminder of that.

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