Bhramam Review - Prithviraj stars in pointless and dull remake of Andhadhun

    Bhramam Review - Prithviraj stars in pointless and dull remake of Andhadhun

    Bhramam Review - A Pointless And Dull Remake
    Bhramam Review - Prithviraj stars in pointless and dull remake of Andhadhun
    Updated : October 08, 2021 07:40 AM IST

    There are many profound questions in life like is there a God? What is the meaning of life? How big is the universe? And finally why was this movie made it is this last question that kept popping into my head as I watched this movie I tried to come up with reasons, perhaps blackmail? Did someone lose a bet? Was Prithviraj tired of being successful? Perhaps one day I will get an answer.

    Bhramam is the remake of the highly successful and critically acclaimed 2018 Hindi movie Andhadhun, the remake is directed by Ravi K. Chandran and stars Prithviraj in the lead role as Ray Mathews a blind pianist whose life is turned upside down after a chance encounter. It is ironic because as Malayalees we tend to get upset when one of our movies has a bad remake in another language often citing bad acting, a dumb downed version of the original plot, and turning beloved characters into caricatures because that is exactly what Bhraman does.

    While it could be argued that I should judge this movie without comparing it to the original, but that would be tough as it is almost a shot-by-shot remake of the original which makes me wonder how the makers of this movie managed to mess that up as well. The makers of this movie said that they added their flavor to the remake by adding more comedic elements to the script. If only the makers of the original thought of adding humor as well perhaps we would be living in a better world.

    Sarcasm aside this is a remake no one asked for. The acting is bad, Prithviraj tries to carry the role but this just ends up highlighting his limitations as an actor. There are a lot of scenes that point this out, like his interaction with Unni Mukundan at the police station once he realizes he has to come up with something to get out of a tense situation. The rest of the main cast offers similar performances. Mamta Mohandas was terribly miscast in this role, the cinematography while decent lacks flow. 

    Despite being shot on location, the city of Kochi feels like a movie set. And for a movie, about a musician, the songs here are bad. It is clear that they are 'remakes' of the originals, and this movie has a weird number of product placements, I know a lot of movies do but here it stands out.

    The way the plot was dumbed down and how certain things are spoon-fed and then explained again just in case you missed it the first 3 times shows a complete lack of respect to the source material and the audience.

    So I cannot recommend this movie especially if you have seen the Andhadhun and if you haven't, watch the original, instead of wasting three hours of your life.