Kuruthi Review - Prithvitraj steals the show in this edge of your seat thriller


    Kuruthi Review - Prithvitraj steals the show in this edge of your seat thriller

    Kuruthi Review - An Edge Of Your Seat Thriller
    Kuruthi Review - Prithvitraj steals the show in this edge of your seat thriller
    Updated : August 10, 2021 05:41 PM IST

    Kuruthi is not an easy movie to watch. Not because it is bad but it’s what the director intended. Set in a remote village the movie follows Roshan Mathew's Ibrahim a man who lost his wife and young daughter a year ago due to a landslide. Ibrahim is not the only victim his next-door neighbor and friend Prashanth also lost his wife and has turned to alcohol to bury his sorrow. Ibrahim lives with is ailing father and younger brother and has an uneasy home life as the three on them have a hard time getting along. That is, until one night when a police officer along with his detainee, a teenager wanted for murder barge into their house and sets off a chain of events that changes their lives forever. 

    The biggest strength this movie has is its cast. Prithviraj as Laiq is menacing every time he is on screen and it is refreshing to see the actor play a villain for the first time. Laiq is a man fueled by revenge and religious dogma and like all good villains, believes he is a hero. Roshan Mathew as the reluctant protagonist who is dragged into a bad situation and must deal with the consequences carries the role brilliantly and really shows his range as an actor.

    Director Manu Warrier manages to maintain the tension throughout the movie while adding in a few twists. A credit to the writing of the movie is how these twists have been subtly set up in the opening act as random conversations between different characters. The questions posed by this movie have no easy answers and movie does not try and take the high road but instead shows how dogma destroys more than it protects, be it relationships, people or communities.

    From a technical standpoint, the movie looks great and all aspects - writing, cinematography, background music, all complement each other- except for the songs which did not add anything to the movie. Without going into spoilers there is a character whose sudden appearance and disappearance could have been handled better as it stands out when you look at how everything else is so well crafted.

    This movie will make a lot of people uncomfortable because it walks a tight rope with its subject matter and it will be a movie that will be talked about for a long time. Often movies that deal with religion and religious extremism often hold our hand as an audience but Kuruthi does not. It shows you the unfiltered version of religious dogma and how it affects us all.

    Updated: August 10, 2021 05:41 PM IST